Monday, June 23, 2014

Retro Vintage Clock - Anniversary Present!

Retro Vintage Clock 

Early Anniversary Present to my Husband of 26 years! 

Yes, this came out of an old car!  This is a snorkel or dual air cleaner from some old car from way back when.  Most likely an Oldsmobile, maybe a Buick not sure really.  But this bad boy was something my husband picked up somewhere along the way and thought it would make a cool clock. 

Well, you know the story, thoughts and actions sometimes are two different things.  I kept looking at the thing, knew what I wanted but couldn't "see" it.  Talked to different people about what to use for numbers, etc.  Nothing was right.   So, fast forward several years - this thing is on my mind again and I get the bright idea to ask my friend Chris of the Blue Barn, a little bazarr in Colbert, OK for some help.   She has this quirky little mindset that made this a perfect collaboration!   Chris makes wonderful lamps, chandeliers, eclectic fun stuff - so I told her my vision and right away she "got" me! 

For all the Vintage Auto enthusiasts the 8 is an automatic known...for everyone else:  V8 automobile.

Our anniversary isn't for a another month - but I couldn't contain my excitement in giving this awesome clock to my husband!    It now hangs proudly in the office of our car lot - Tyler Motors

Many thanks go to my good friend Chris for her awesome creative mind!  Love Her!!

Humanitarian Note:   No irreversible harm was done to this antique automobile part in the making of this clock.