Monday, March 11, 2013

HGTV Mag & My Milk Bottle!

I even made the front cover - well my Milk Bottle did anyway!  HGTV Magazine Rocks! 


Okay, I know, this is way silly of me!  But this is soo cool in my book at least! The March 2013 Issue of  HGTV Mag has something of mine in it - well, not necessarily mine anymore - but it was once before they bought it!  

The small Totally Tangerine painted cutie with the pink posey!  Awesome! 
Several months back toward the end of a terrible day I got an email from this person wanting to know if I could overnight  a milk bottle to New York in time for their photo shoot the next day.  Well I scramble around checking time, cost of overnight shipping, etc, grinning from ear to ear, you know the drill.  My husband thought I was crazy - but for me my day had just gotten better!  YES, I can get it there by the next day, but its going to cost - no problem, she pays and I have the bottle wrapped and packaged before the ink has dried on the shipping label!    

I know that there are those out there that have sold items for movie props, music videos, designers,  tv series - like Mad Men,  you get the my piddly little milk bottle sale isn't really much to brag about - but - Just look what a cute little vase they made out of it!  

It even made the front cover -  the little one in front with a yellow Flower and  painted Totally Tangerine! 


LJM said...

This is so Cool !!! Keep on selling your great items and no telling where they will go.

La Petite Gallery said...

well congrats. The cover,
that is such a great accomplishment. Love the house on your header.